Christmas Prontera and/or Green&Black 3rd Job Sprites
Posted by Sen [Admin] on 20 October 2013 09:55 PM

Problem: If you have warped to Prontera, and you notice it has snow covered buildings, christmas trees, and an overall "Christmas" feeling, this issue is for you. This issue should also be grouped with the 3rd Job Sprites looking like green and black instead of their actual colors.


Cause: This issue occurs if your client is outdated and not fully patched. The patcher may say it "Patch Process Complete", however that only means that it downloaded the most recent patch. It does not check if all the older patches are there.


Solution: You must go to Download Page of the RebirthRO website and redownload the full client. It's not possible to patch manually in this situation. When you download the file, make sure to install it into a brand new folder. Do not install it into the same folder you currently have RebirthRO installed in. To uninstall the current client you are using, simply delete the whole RebirthRO folder.

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