"Failed to Connect to Server" Error Message
Posted by Sen [Admin] on 20 October 2013 10:22 PM

This issue can be caused by a few different things. Please read each problem, noted by a number, and see if that is the issue you are having.


Problem #1: You use to be able to play RebirthRO, however after the server moved around October 14th, you can no longer connect. Every time you try to log in, it says "Failed to Connect to Server.".

Cause #1: In order to connect to the server, your client contains an IP address that it uses to know who to connect to. When the server moved, that IP address has changed, so you are still stuck  connecting to the old server, which no longer exists.

Solution #1-a: The first option would be to open the Patcher and make sure it patched. There was a patch released around October 14th when the server moved that updated the IP address. If you have not patched already, do so now so it can update your client.

Solution #1-b: If the above solutions did not work, use this. You must go to Download Page of the RebirthRO website and redownload the full client. It's not possible to patch manually in this situation. When you download the file, make sure to install it into a brand new folder. Do not install it into the same folder you currently have RebirthRO installed in. To uninstall the current client you are using, simply delete the whole RebirthRO folder.

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