Failed to retrieve "filename.gpf"
Posted by Sen [Admin] on 10 January 2014 03:34 AM

Problem: You open the patcher, and you see it's trying to download a file, but then you see an error message that says "Failed to retrieve <filename>". The patcher then stops there, and you can't open the game.


Cause: A couple things can cause this issue. The patch website could be under a lot of stress, if a lot of people are downloading patches at the moment. The patch website may also be timing out if the download file is too large to be downloaded through the patcher


Solution: The way the patcher works, is it downloads the file from the website, applies the patch to your bdata.grf file (which adds / removes / changes files inside the GRF), and then removes the file it downloaded. The two types of files being referenced in this article are referred to as GRF, and GPF. The "GRF" file, is the large file in your RebirthRO folder, which contains all the client files, such as sprites, descriptions, etc. The "GPF" file is the patch that is going to be applied to the GRF file. GPF files are typically under 15MB (roughly 5 MP3s), and most commonly under 5MB

The error message "Failed to retrieve" means just that. It failed to download the file from the patch website. If your patcher fails to do this, you can download it manually instead. Simply go to the Patch Website. Look for the file that it was referring to in your error message. All the files are listed there, so you can hit "Ctrl + F" and type in the file name. Most file names are determined by the maintenance date. The file "20131112_3.gpf" was the 3rd patch file on 2013-11-12. You can find the file you are missing easily this way. Once you have found the file, click on it to download it. Make sure when you download it, that you download it into your RebirthRO folder. It must be in the same folder that has the "bdata.grf" file as well as your patcher, and client exe files. 

Once the download is complete, you should be able to re-open your patcher. What will happen now, is that because you already have the file downloaded, and in the same folder, the patcher will think, "Oh, you already have it. I won't try to download it again". You can basically use this method on any patch file, though most of the time, you won't need to do this unless it is a large patch release. It only attempts to download the patch, if you do not have it already in your RebirthRO folder.

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